Holt Brothers Football

About Us

Terrence and Torry Holt grew up in Gibsonville, NC. Popular high school athletes, they had big dreams for their future. Through hard work, focus, determination (and lots of practice), they both had successful football careers at North Carolina State University and in the National Football League.

Their humble beginnings, small town values, winning attitudes, and commitment to family made them fan favorites along the way. They also overcame tragedy when their mom passed away from cancer after a 10 year illness.

“She instilled in us the value of hard work. Even though she was sick, she went to work everyday. We remain inspired by her and what she means to us,” says Torry.

After their retirement from the NFL, they started Holt Brothers Inc., which includes the Holt Brothers Football Camp, Holt Brothers Construction, Holt Brothers Development and the Holt Brothers Foundation, which supports children who have a parent with cancer.

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